Propel Orthodontics is a sophisticated ultramodern technology that helps orthodontists to quicken the patient’s orthodontic treatment. Its technology has released several devices to make the orthodontic treatment more efficient, faster, and significantly help reduce the duration of treatment.

Using Propel technology helps to fasten bone alteration making it easier for the orthodontist to rectify and correct teeth more quickly and with immense efficiency. As patients incorporate the Propel technology into their treatment plan (Invisalign or braces), it scientifically accelerates the mobility of teeth to its desired position faster by 50 percent. 

How does Propel technology function?

Propel technology works under the principle of Micro Osteoperforation. It is a procedure that triggers shifting of teeth thereby accelerating the pace of orthodontic treatment. This in-office procedure involves creating perforations on the bone around the tooth which produces an inflammatory response. This inflammatory response stimulates bone movement. The movement of teeth allows to speed up the pace of orthodontic treatment in the desired direction as per the treatment plan. The orthodontist ensures to undergo a thorough examination of the oral cavity with the help of dental X-rays before commencing the procedure. A proper plan is laid out before deciding where the perforations must go and patients will be administered with local anesthesia before beginning the procedure.

Propel Orthodontic Devices

As you get your orthodontic plan laid out, dentists can now use several Propel Orthodontic devices to quicken your orthodontic treatment. Here are a few Propel devices.


This Propel orthodontic device is a highly efficient device that helps to straighten teeth much faster while the patient is wearing an active aligner. It provides micro-impulses through varying frequencies. It can be worn for five minutes providing straighter teeth in no time. The procedure is simple, easy and consumes less time.


This ergonomically designed Propel device is used to create perforations on teeth with cutting-edge accuracy. Its optimal torque makes procedures quick and simple. The device has a stainless steel edge with immense tip potency and perfection. It can be used for multiple applications.

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