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Dealing with severe jaw misalignment, difficulty chewing, or speech problems?

Orthognathic surgery, also known as corrective jaw surgery, can address these issues, improving both function and appearance. This surgical procedure is ideal for patients with complex dental and skeletal irregularities.

At Fairfield Orthodontics, our expert team will guide you through every step of the Fairfield orthognathic surgery process, ensuring a successful outcome.

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Understanding orthognathic surgery

  • During your first visit, our orthodontist will conduct a thorough evaluation, including x-rays and 3D imaging, to understand your needs and plan your treatment.
  • Braces are often needed before surgery to align the teeth properly. This phase can last several months to ensure optimal positioning.
  • The surgery will consist of precise adjustments to the jaw bones, which may involve repositioning, reshaping, or lengthening.
  • Once your jaw has healed, final adjustments with braces or aligners will ensure that your teeth and jaw are perfectly aligned for optimal function and appearance.

Most patients experience significant improvements in their bite, facial symmetry, and overall quality of life following orthognathic surgery. The entire process, from initial consultation to final orthodontic treatment, can span 12 to 24 months, with the surgery itself being a crucial step in achieving long-term success.

Benefits of orthognathic surgery

  • Enhances chewing, speaking, and breathing
  • Creates a more balanced facial appearance
  • Provides permanent correction for jaw misalignments
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Orthognathic surgery and non-surgical treatments

Orthognathic surgery addresses severe jaw discrepancies that cannot be corrected with orthodontic treatments alone. While non-surgical options like braces can realign teeth, they cannot reposition the jaws. Dr. Saghafi will help determine the best approach for your needs.

Easy Payment Options

We offer various payment plans to make orthognathic surgery accessible. Our office accepts a wide range of insurance plans and provides interest-free financing options to accommodate your financial situation.

  • Delta Dental
  • And most other insurances — If we’re out-of-network, rest assured that we’ll help you maximize your benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is a candidate for orthognathic surgery?

People with severe jaw misalignments, difficulty chewing or speaking, and those with significant facial imbalances. A thorough evaluation will determine your suitability.


How long is the recovery process for orthognathic surgery?

Recovery from orthognathic surgery generally takes several weeks, with initial healing occurring within the first few weeks. Full recovery and stabilization may take several months.


Will I need orthodontic treatment after surgery?

Yes, most patients will need orthodontic treatment before and after surgery to ensure optimal alignment of the teeth and jaws.

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