Mini Implants in Orthodontics

Mini Implants in Orthodontics

Mini implants are tiny Titanium screws that are fitted into the jaw bone to support the structure of the patient’s teeth during orthodontic treatment. These mini implants are known to accelerate the movement of teeth, thereby helping them to straighten up. Temporary Anchorage Device, also abbreviated as TAD is a type of mini implant. TADs are approved by the American Dental Association and have been successfully helping patients accelerate their orthodontic treatment.

TADs are mini implants that are inserted into the gums of the jawbone to provide proper alignment and support to teeth during orthodontic treatment.

What are the different types of TADs?

TADs come in two different forms, indirect anchorage and direct anchorage.

Indirect Anchorage: These TADs do not anchor teeth together. 

Direct Anchorage: These TADs provides tension on certain teeth that require removal.

Once they serve its purpose, these devices are easily removable.

How do temporary anchorage devices work?

A typical temporary anchorage device (TAD) comes in Titanium material. Due to its chemical properties, they do not erode with time making it the best in the industry. TADs have two main sections, the implant head, and the implant body. The implant body is the section of a TAD that stays firmly inside the jawbone after it is placed. The implant head functions to support and secure teeth.

Before placing the TAD, the area of the jawbone and tissues of the gums will be numbed to insert the anchorage device. The process is quick and does not consume time. The primary function of TADs is to support teeth without having to remove them to accommodate space in the patient’s jawbones. They also help to rectify gap issues between teeth.

Keeping your TADs clean.

The orthodontist will instruct the patients on how long they will have to wear TADs. Removing them is easy and will not be painful. As patients are having them on, it is vital to ensure that the anchorage devices are kept clean. The orthodontist may advise patients to use a soft brush that isn’t hard on teeth to gently scrape off any food particles from the device. For extra assurance, patients may also use mouthwashes to rinse their mouth twice a day to ensure that their TADs are free of germs.

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