The iCAT FLX is an imaging technology that is used in the field of dentistry. It delivers some of the most detailed images of the oral cavity and the surrounding tissues. Dentists using iCAT FLX find it very convenient to observe and study the minute oral features, thereby allowing them to diagnose the patients’ condition with better accuracy.

Why is iCAT FLX the most advanced imaging system?

  • The iCAT FLX uses the Cone beam 3D technology to scan the oral features. Meaning, the device produces a conical beam of rays that are projected towards the scanning area. The device will revolve around the patient’s face, with the patient seated in one position.
  • Wide view: The field of view captured through the device is a wide one in comparison to other oral scans. Through iCAT FLX, the dentist will be able to capture the maxilla and both the TMJs as well. It can be very beneficial when the dentist wishes to diagnose the TMJ and the airway.
  • Adjustable field of view: The dentist can adjust the FOV as per individual requirement. It allows the dentist to capture the data for the oral features as required.
  • The images obtained through iCAT FLX technology are far more detailed and precise than that of 2D panoramic x-rays. Using this technology, the dentist can analyze the smallest of oral features.
  • The iCAT FLX is so advanced that the image produced by it can contain several features such as the positioning of the TMJs, craniofacial bones, the teeth along with the roots, airways, sinuses, and also the vertebrae. The best part about this is that the dentist can segregate them as required so that they can view and analyze individual features.
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