Damon Braces

Damon Braces

Treating patients with malocclusions or overcrowded teeth with the help of the Damon system has made it much easier with faster results. The Damon technology sets itself apart from the traditional brace technology as it uses a sliding mechanism for shifting teeth that apply adequate force on the tooth with specially designed tie-less archwires that don’t require tightening. This would allow more comfortable movement of teeth with effective results. By using this technology, patients need not worry about tooth extractions or require palate expanders to make space for overcrowded teeth. By using Damon braces, patients will not have to give on their healthy teeth as they can expect to get a full-fledged and painless treatment.

What is different about the Damon orthodontic treatment?

The unique orthodontic treatment that the Damon system provides is nothing compared to that of the traditional orthodontic care that metallic braces offer. Here are a few reasons why:


By adhering to a proper treatment plan, the uniquely designed Damon braces works its way to provide patients with accurate and effective results. With the advantage of the sliding mechanism and tie-less braces, this innovation eradicates the need for elastic bands or metal wires whose poor efficiency would otherwise disrupt the treatment in between.

Extreme comfort

As Damon braces use no hard metallic wires or elastic bands, its horizontal forces on teeth provide utmost comfort to the patients while they are in treatment. Patients will not have to keep coming into the dentist’s office with cases of swelling or inflammation which is frequently encountered while treating orthodontic problems with traditional braces.

Maintains oral hygiene

Damon braces help to maintain oral health even while in treatment. As they do not use elastic wires, they do not attract plaque. This makes it easier to brush and ensure that teeth are clean and germ-free while the patient is wearing braces.

Quicker results

Damon braces save you time from re-visiting the dentists’ office now and then for loose wires or bands. With lesser appointments and better technology, the Damon system ensures to provide better and useful results in a smaller period of time.

Damon braces also come in clear brackets making your orthodontic treatment comfortable and hard to notice. This technology adheres a lot more to the patients’ needs making their orthodontic treatment way more comfortable and hassle-free.

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