Airway Orthodontics

Airway Orthodontics

Airway Orthodontics is dedicated to rectifying dentofacial deformities of teeth such as crooked teeth, shallow breathing, and deformed facial structure. Any obstruction to the airway can instill and emerge breathing difficulties. An obstructed pathway will lead to disoriented facial structure, decrease the strength of facial joints and lead to crooked and misaligned teeth. Airway orthodontics helps in treating the underlying cause of obstruction thereby improving facial aesthetics and promoting a healthier smile.

What are the causes and consequences of airway obstruction?

Some of the primary causes of abnormal jaw growth are a cracked, crooked, and incorrect bite. This indicates that the jaws are not growing as expected. It is also an indication of poor facial growth and development. Crooked teeth arise due to inadequate oral habits picked up from childhood such as thumb sucking and mouth breathing. Breathing is generally obstructed when it occurs through the mouth. During which the tongue drops down and hangs low. As this happens, the upper jawbone narrows and the dental arch begins to collapse. This crowds the dental arch leaving less room. This, in turn, affects the nasal cavity. Hence, narrowed dental arches not only changes the dental setup, but also the nasal cavity as the roof of the mouth is the floor of the nose. This leads to congested and constricted nasal cavity which severely affects normal breathing. Constricted breathing can lead to several dental conditions:

•    Obstructed Sleep Apnea.

•    Rapid or shallow breathing.

•    Sinus infection.

•    Poor performance.

How does Airway Orthodontics help?

Airway Orthodontics will help to channel and manage proper airflow via the nasal cavity. It significantly helps the patient correct unhealthy habits or patterns that can lead to the causes of obstructed breathing such as thumb sucking and mouth breathing. 
The benefits of airway orthodontics are:

•    Improved sleep patterns.

•    Promotes better facial development.

•    Eliminates the need for dental braces.

•    Reduces the chances of corrective jaw surgery.

•    Allows better breathing.

•    Improves overall health.

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