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At Fairfield Orthodontics in California, our mission is to provide our patients with a healthy and confident smile. Our team is here to understand your orthodontic needs and work towards with you in achieving a smile that you’ve always wished for. To ensure that your time at Fairfield Orthodontics is spent well, our highly trained staff and a team of professional dentists take prompt measures to fulfill your orthodontics needs. Fairfield Orthodontics in CA offers patients with dental care and services of the latest technology in the industry, our treatment options are safe and performed in comfortable and controlled environments to optimize your treatment even better. Our motive is to indulge our years of experience of serving several patients and ultimately provide you with an individualized treatment plan.


To us, every patient is unique, and hence, the team at Fairfield Orthodontics takes exclusive steps to customize every treatment plan that matches with the diagnosis we acquire from your initial visit with us. As you visit Fairfield Orthodontics, it gives the patient the chance to engage with our expert team of professionals, let us understand more about your medical history, educate patients about the latest method of treatment, allow us to provide patients with a complete initial examination, and rule out a proper diagnosis. This will enable us to provide individual patients with customized treatment plans.

During your initial consultation with us, we will:

  • Go over your medical history files.
  • Offer a complete oral examination.
  • Draw out a customized treatment plan.

Our team at Fairfield Orthodontics, CA, are keen to answer any questions Book your consultation by contacting our practice to schedule your initial consultation. 


After the patient’s initial consultation at Fairfield Orthodontics, our staffs will book their first appointment with the dentist, and the treatment will be taken forward based on the diagnosis.


Scheduling or re-scheduling appointments at Fairfield Orthodontics is simple as our flexible front-desk staffs will help you schedule and cancel appointments as per your convenience. As patients commence their orthodontic treatment, it is vital to visit the orthodontist every four to eight weeks to ensure that the procedure is going as planned. During your visit with us, our dentists will advise you for routine dental cleanings and check-ups based on the diagnosis and treatment plan.

Request an appointment at Fairfield Orthodontics in CA, and we shall assist you with your consultation.


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