AcceleDent Optima

Be ready to reduce the period of your orthodontic treatment with the help of AcceleDent Optima®.

Micro-stimulations of the bones are known to efficiently heal fractures and treat patients who are suffering from bone loss. It has also identified to remarkably improve bone density as well. The SoftPulse Technology® in AcceleDent Optima® uses micro-stimulations to enhance the pace of orthodontic treatment of teeth by increasing the speed of root movement. 

What is the science behind AcceleDent Optima®?

The FDA approves AcceleDent Optima®. It aids in accelerating the pace of your orthodontic treatment. It involves using an orthodontic mouth-piece in between teeth while patients have braces or aligners on. As the device releases micro-pulse waves, it accelerates the cellular response from tissues of the tooth and increases the mobility of teeth shifting by re-aligning teeth to its proper. Patients will have to use the mouth-piece for the prescribed period as AcceleDent Optima® works its way in accelerating tooth movement.

What are the benefits of using AcceleDent Optima®?

AcceleDent Optima® has several benefits in serving patients who are undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

  • Clinically verified to reduce the duration of orthodontic treatment.
  • Patients experience utmost comfort during treatment.
  • Does not disturb the existing orthodontic device.
  • Patients can efficiently use AcceleDent Optima® at home as it requires no assistance.
  • Fewer appointments.
  • Patients can attend to other light activities while using AcceleDent Optima®.
  • User-friendly and compact.

To learn more about AcceleDent Optima® book an appointment with Dr. Le at Fairfield Orthodontics, CA, and we shall assist you more on your orthodontic appointments.

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